Felix Chance



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About The Author

J E Pittman

Luck is his greatest skill…

Born on the last day to exist, Felix Chance roves the world untold. Mystery hounds his steps as he unlocks his secret past and seeks the love he left behind.

What’s real? What’s not? Felix knows – more than he’ll ever tell.

A moose walks into a bar, Bigfoot’s drunk it dry. And that fox over there? It’s not. Fairy traps and pumpkin scraps, plus an immortal – or two – met on a stolen day.

Step careful in the world awry as Chance guides your way.

…or be lost

Felix Chance: Volume One gathers the first three arcs originally published on Kindle Vella.

How? Why? When? Felix never knows, just that the implausible will happen — By Chance.

Press your luck in Game of Chance as Felix gets a letter that sends him on the road to Vegas for answers.

And by some Strange Chance, Felix always finds himself at the wrong place at the right time.


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