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Return to Edan by Philip Chase

Summary From the ashes of the War of the Way arises chaos, and a new menace swarms over the battle-ravaged kingdoms of Eormenlond while disease and violence claim thousands. But the greatest threat to Eormenlond is its savior. Stark choices confront Dayraven's friends as they race to salvage what they can of their world. Amidst the vast struggle for survival and meaning is Seren, a girl from Caergilion who may hold the key to unlocking the Prophet’s mind. The convergence of plotlines sweeps the tale back to where it all began in Return to Edan, the monumental conclusion of The...

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The Prophet of Edan by Philip Chase

Summary Ruin follows in the wake of Torrlond’s victorious army and the beasts its priests enslave, leaving no corner of Eormenlond untouched by the inferno of its war. Kingdoms and tribes line up on opposing sides as the conflict rages, rekindling ancient hatreds and avenging old wrongs. As Dayraven struggles to contain the vast power of his curse, he and Sequara confront the destruction of all they hold dear. To salvage their world, they must sacrifice what most makes it precious. With twists as wrenching as they are unexpected, The Prophet of Edan reveals the War of the Way’s culmination....

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