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Dungeon School by Kenny Gould

Summary King Crow has made it through the first level of Toroth-Gol. After killing the world’s last giant, running afoul of pirates, and narrowly escaping a booby-trapped party store, he finds himself on a platform in the middle of the ocean, where he faces a new challenge... WELCOME TO DUNGEON SCHOOL. Review Dungeon School is a fantastic sequel that improves on everything I enjoyed about the first novel. The relentless pace, witty humor, intriguing world, and endearing characters are perfect for readers looking for a quick and unique reading experience. In this novel King Crow and companions continue through the...

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The Castle of 1,000 Doors by Kenny Gould

Summary King Crow isn’t having a very good day. The Empire’s most famous athlete suddenly finds himself convicted of treason and sentenced to the Hunt, an annual event where the city’s most undesirable prisoners are sent into a dungeon filled with treasure, magic, and… bloodthirsty monsters. Crow didn’t commit the crime, so why is he in the dungeon? Who set him up? And why—for the love of god—is his only weapon a fast-talking, sapient, electromagnetically charged potato named Spud? Review The Castle of 1,000 Doors is a fun, action packed adventure that instantly sucked me into the story and I...

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