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Michael Roberti’s Best Reads of 2023

Wow. 2023 was a year and a half.  This was a year when I finally felt like I could get back to reading after two years spent mostly writing, and boy, the books brought it. Then, Kavin brought me on to post my reviews, and I’ve been amazed by the continuous love of the Silverstones and online book communities. I’m sitting here drinking coffee listening to Dr. Dre’s classic The Chronic 2001, and I just want to get into it.  So, let’s go! Ok, pause, actually. I want to shout out two books that stood head and shoulders above the...

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Soulstealer Origins by Reed Logan Westgate

Summary In the Lord's year 1303, a holy order of knights faces the brink of extinction. Their holy crusade falters as a fiendish monster from beyond the mist decimates their numbers. In desperation, the Knights Templar dispatch a unit to find an ancient relic hoping to tip the scales in the battle against the forces of darkness. Sir Marcus Le'heroux bravely leads the knights into the Hungarian wilderness, but when the weapon he finds buried in the Mátra Mountains turns out to be an awakened Soulstealer, he faces much more than he bargained for. Will the Order's new weapon prove...

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The Infernal Games by Reed Logan Westgate: Review & Interview

Objective Score (Amazon and Goodreads Score): 5/5 TL;DR: A book that got me, someone who doesn’t really like Urban Fantasy, to finish the book and actively seek out time to listen (I did the audiobook). There were occasional flaws, but not nearly enough to lower the score. Well-written and fast-paced. Subjective Score (Personal Tastes): 81/100 Pros for me: Excellent Worldbuilding Oxivius steals every scene he is in Reminds me of several books and tv shows I like I genuinely cared about the outcome and felt the danger in every moment Well-written and a good pace Cons for me: A bit...

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