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Where to Start With Indie Books: 10 Authors to Start With Part 1

"I want to start reading indie and self-published books, where do I start?" I get this question a lot. Over the next five weeks I'm going to highlight ten authors that are perfect entry-points into the indie and self-publishing science-fiction and fantasy world, starting with Andrew D Meredith   Andrew D Meredith is the author of two ongoing series. Thrice is book one in his Needle and Leaf series, a series that is inspired by Slavic mythology. The Needle and Leaf series is on the smaller scale compared to his other series. It has a smaller cast and smaller stakes....

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Down Below Beyond: An Interview With Author T.A. Bruno

T. A. Bruno grew up in a suburb south of Chicago and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film industry. Since then, he has brought stories to life for over a decade as a previz artist. At home, he is the proud father of two boys and a husband to a wonderful wife. He wrote his first trilogy of novels in the early 2020’s, the Song of Kamaria. (In the Orbit of Sirens, On the Winds of Quasars, and At the Threshold of the Universe.) The forthcoming Down Below Beyond, out July 31st, will see him...

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