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Silverstones Books 2023 Year In Review

Wow, what a year! 2023 was by far the biggest year yet for Silverstones Books, and not just because it was the first full calendar year we were open. There were many ups and some downs throughout the year, but I'm really glad with where the store is as we close out the year. Let's jump in as I break it all down. 2023 Recap I started 2023 by doing pop-ups, but quickly abandoned that, as I was not seeing the traffic I needed for that due to many factors out of my control. So I went back to focusing...

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Silverstone’s Book Blog Year in Review Part One

Hello and welcome to The Silverstone’s Book Blog Year in Review. The bloggers here will be reviewing their top three favorite reads of 2023. For me, it was a year of firsts as I published my first fantasy novel, received my first review, was invited to join Silverstone’s Book Blog, and participated in several contests for the indie community. I’ve made some amazing friends and hope to continue into 2024 with more triumphs. I read over fifteen Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF) books this year out of twenty-seven total books. I tend to read about twenty-four books a year, with...

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