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Get To Know The Blogger: Matthew Zorich

Hello! I’m Matthew Zorich, author of the historical fantasy book Bastards of Liberty, book one in the Conspiracy of Crows trilogy. My book imprint, Raccoon County Press, focuses on fantasy and horror. I’ve been an avid reader since I picked up Dragons of the Autumn Twilight many years ago. I have a degree in journalism from the University of Akron. Besides writing, I hike, game (PS5), and support the local arts whenever possible. I enjoy both urban and natural exploring when hike. You can find my graffiti and mural finds and hiking moments on Instagram often. I read various genres...

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Get to Know the Blogger: Michael Roberti

Hey everyone! Kavin and I realized that I haven’t done a “get to know you” post yet, so I’m doing that instead of my weekly review. I’ll be back with reviews next week with Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames! Anyway, for those of you who don’t know me: my name is Michael Roberti, but in conversation I go by Mike. I am a husband, father, former punk singer, current high school English teacher, and author. My first series, Crown and Tide, kicked off with The Traitors We Are in 2022, and I released the prequel novella, The Revenge...

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Get To Know The Blogger: Quinn

Hi! My name is Quinn, I’m a huge fan of everything Kavin is doing at Silverstones Books and I’m so excited to join the team as a book reviewer! I have been an avid reader my whole life but I really dove into adult SFF a few years ago after I graduated from university. My favorite sub-genre is epic fantasy but I read most kinds of fantasy as well as plenty of sci-fi. I discovered the self-published SFF community in early 2023 and have immersed myself in self-published books. I am a huge fan of and advocate for self-pub SFF. Of the 45 books I have read this year, as of this blog post, 26 have been self-published!

I started as a book reviewer early this year when I wrote my first review for Deathless Beast by Andrew D. Meredith. I read a lot but had never bothered reviewing books before, even when I started reading self-pub I only started leaving star ratings. But Deathless Beast hit me so hard and had relatively few reviews that I decided to help however I could and wrote my first review. I found that the process of writing the review helped me examine what it was about the book that I loved so much, and I decided to keep doing it. So while I primarily write reviews to help authors and other readers, I love how writing them forces me to think critically about the books I read and I get more out of each book because of that.