Cover Reveal: Sing No Suns, Sing the Night by Michael Michel

Huge thank you to Michael for letting us participate in the cover reveal for his short story collection Sing No Suns, Sing the Night. I loved the author’s debut novel The Price of Power, so even though this collection is unrelated to that series I can’t wait to see what kind of dark tales he has in store for us. The collection will be released on Feb 20th and is currently available for pre-order, links and more details are found below so make sure to check it out! Without further ado, here is the cover for Sing No Suns, Sing the Night by Michael Michel!

Sing No Suns, Sing the Night

Artist: Miblart
Release Date: February 20th, 2024
Pre-order Links: Amazon


“When the light that guides us fails, we must face the darkness within…or perish. A warlord’s bitter crusade. A starship’s crew caught between a mindless monster and a race against starvation. Conflicted aliens, unable to stop their conquest. The unhappy life of a sentient gun.

Sing No Suns, Sing the Night is an SFF short story collection and an ode to Grimdark. Hope and despair. Love and hate. Sweet beginnings and sour ends. These stories cover themes that challenge our beliefs about self, society, and the nature of living. If you’re ready to be dragged to the lip of the abyss and dangled over the edge, read on.”

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