My Most Anticipated 2024 Releases – Part 2

The second part of my most anticipated release for 2024 is comprised of indie fantasy and sci-fi titles. Due to the generally faster paced nature of indie publishing compared to trad, not all information for these titles is available, including sometimes the title. I tried to include as much information about each as I could find though. I have separated the books into 2 categories, the first being standalones or first entries in a series, so you can jump straight into any of those books. The second category being sequels to a series I have already started. I am also sure that there are books I want to read coming out in 2024 that either I’m forgetting about or haven’t been announced yet, so this is not an exhaustive list. I’m very excited for another great year reading amazing indie SFF, and I hope you find a book or two that interests you as well!

Debuts & Standalones

I have included the blurb for each of these, since most will be releasing pretty soon and the blurbs won’t be spoiling anything. Check them out and see if there are any that look interesting to you!

Elegy of a Fragmented Vineyard – Kaden Love (Jan 24)

Forced to appease the policies of a foreign fiefdom, Phenmir must do the harvest organs from infants.

Ten years ago, a new generation of children began to manifest abilities from the gods. Now, nearly half of the continent has chosen to graft these organs into adults, granting them their powers.

Phenmir will no longer participate, but can he repent his sin before all morality is lost?

Meanwhile, Aerhee will give all to preserve the process of harvesting, silencing those who oppose her people

Will this land of peace resort to the barbaric practice of war? In a battle of preservation and progression, there can only be one victor.

Mushroom Blues – Adrian M. Gibson (Spring)

Two years after a devastating defeat in the decade-long Spore War, the island nation of Hōppon and its capital city of Neo Kinoko are occupied by invading Coprinian forces. Its Fungal citizens are in dire straits, wracked by food shortages, poverty and an influx of war refugees. Even worse, the corrupt occupiers exploit their power, hounding the native population.

As a winter storm looms over the metropolis, NKPD Detective Henrietta Hofmann begrudgingly partners up with mushroom-headed patrol officer Koji Nameko to investigate the mysterious murders of Fungal and half-breed children. Their investigation drags them deep into the seedy underbelly of a war-torn city, one brimming with colonizers, criminal gangs, racial division and moral decay.

In order to solve the case and unravel the truth, Hofmann must challenge her past and embrace Fungal ways. What she and Nameko uncover in the midst of this frigid wasteland will chill them to the core, but will they make it through the storm alive?

God Eater Saga – Rob J. Hayes (May)

The God Eater Saga is a trilogy of trilogies taking place in the same world over the course of 3000 years. Each trilogy is self-contained but also work with the other trilogies to tell a larger story. It’s a highly ambitious project by Rob J. Hayes and I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Below is the blurb for one of the books, titled Herald.

A thousand years ago the Godless Kings sacked Heaven, devouring angels for the magic in their flesh and the immortality in their blood. 

A thousand years ago humanity’s greatest heroes killed God.

Emrik Hostain is the last of the Godless Kings, standing eternal vigil over the lands of Helesia. He swore an oath to wipe out angelkind and is close to his final victory. But when he discovers a new Herald has been born, a human with a divine spark, he knows he must stop them no matter the cost.

Deep in the wintry village of Riverden, Renira lives the dreary life of a washer girl, dreaming of excitement and adventure. When a fallen angel from her mother’s past appears with a dire request, Renira’s peaceful life is shattered and she’s thrown headfirst into a race across the empire chased by an unstoppable wolf princess determined to rip her apart.

Only the Herald can ring in the Fifth Age. Only the Herald can bring the God back to life.

History is written in blood. The future is forged in holy fire.

The Crimson Court – Brendan Noble (April 23)

Spirits haunt the realm of Zekiaz. Flee them, fight them, or wield them. But they bow to no master.

The upstart matriarch of a fallen house, Kasia Niezik has sworn to destroy the elusive Crimson Court who assassinated her father. They are near immortal, wielding the spirits that once ended civilization a millennium ago, but she is a Reacher of the realm of Death. Their worst fear.

A Memory of Song – Scott Palmer (May)

In a dying land, the armies of the dead hold sway. And those who rule them are more god than human. 

James Culdaine, the last heir of the Northern Throne, was just a young man when the armies of the South murdered his parents and subjugated his lands. He has never forgotten those responsible, nor has he forgiven. He has spent the last ten years living in isolation with The Feldarra; a sacred Northern clan of fierce warriors, led by the fearless Wulfee who, still reeling from the loss of her own children, finds new meaning in protecting what only family she has left. 

Now, an ancient order of warlocks has returned to the North, singing dark songs composed of blood magic that null the elements and threaten all that is living.

With nature depleted and the Southern armies returning to the North, James struggles to embrace the unique power he has long tried to repress; the ability to commune with the spirits of the dead. In the bitter heart of a growing war, with the world dying around them, James and Wulfee desperately seek answers, vengeance, and a way to save the ones they love… No matter the cost. 

Fires refuse to burn. The skies are thirsty and breathless. The earth won’t eat its rot…

An Exile of Water and Gold – Joshua Walker

For centuries, the Aobians of the Great Tree have shared the continent, Q’ara, with humanity. War has come and gone, and tensions for true rulership are beginning to rise once more.

In Aobia, Sleepers share a symbiotic relationship with the Tree in which they live, empowered by Luminosity, the Tree’s predominant blessing upon a select few people. Elsewhere on Q’ara, an unknown organisation seek to weaponise Luminosity for their own purposes.

Meanwhile, Drift, a young Aobian who feels cynical towards the mysterious inner workings of his people’s government, is exiled from Aobia – forever. Traversing the land of humans below, he must find his purpose in an ever-changing world, while his betrothed back home, Tarri, seeks to do the same.

Serpentus – A.J. Calvin (Feb 27)

Dispatched to Stone Hill to oversee the city’s defenses among nebulous rumors of the Shadow Council’s threat, Owen Greenwaters must rely on the city’s guard and its natural defenses to protect the citizens.

But when an army of mythical hooded ones bolstered by a sea serpent and the Soulless arrive in the wake of a terrible storm, he knows there is little he can do beyond hope the walls hold – and pray to the gods he and Stone Hill’s people will survive.

They are outnumbered, outmatched, and without magical support. Owen is the only knight present in the city. They will be overrun.

The Soulless are merciless and rarely take prisoners, but Owen and the survivors of Stone Hill are exceptions…
And some fates are worse than death.

Continuing Series

Many of these don’t have blurbs yet, but I didn’t include it even if they do since I don’t want to accidently spoil anything. Instead, I put in a quick thought on each and why I love the series. Obviously I recommend picking up the first books in each series if you haven’t yet!

Fife and Drum & Dread Knight – Andrew D. Meredith

Fife and Drum is the third and final book in the Needle and Leaf series, while Dread Knight is the fourth entry in the Kallattian Saga. I am very excited for both books but especially for Dread Knight. The Kallattian Saga has become one of my favorite fantasy series ever and this book marks the end to the first arc of the series, so I can’t wait to see where Andrew takes us.

Spellbinders 3 – Joseph John Lee

This the final book in the Spellbinders and Gunslingers trilogy, the title has not been revealed yet but I really enjoyed the first book as well as the prequel novella. If you enjoy compelling characters and heart wrenching stories, I definitely recommend this series.

A Storm of Sorrows – H.C. Newell

The fourth book in the Fallen Light series, one of my favorite series of 2023, and a must-read for fans of dark fantasy full of emotional moments.

Prey House – Kenny Gould

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the first two books in the Toroth-Gol series by Kenny Gould. The are action-packed and full of humor, but with an emotional depth I wasn’t expecting as well. A highly bingeable series that I can’t wait to dive further into.

Destiny’s Doom – Vaughn Roycroft

Destiny’s Doom is the final entry in the Sundered Nation trilogy, another of my favorite reads of 2023. A compelling mixture of epic fantasy and historical fiction, I can’t wait to see how Vahldan’s story concludes.

Rising Shadows – Daniel Meyer

I am not usually a huge fan of urban fantasy but the first book in this series blew me away. It is high up on my list of favorite urban fantasy books, and I can’t wait to see what sort of trouble Sam gets up to in the second book.

A Grave for Us All – Michael Roberti

The first book in the Crown and Tide series hooked me with an interesting premise, compelling characters, and nonstop betrayal and intrigue. Roberti promises even more of each in the sequel, and I have no doubt he will deliver.

To Burn All Belief – Joshua Scott Edwards

This one may be cheating because I had the privilege to alpha read this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A unique fantasy world with some light horror mixed in, this second book in the Sibling Suns series expands the world and improves on the first book in every way. I’m very excited for other people to read this one!

Harbinger & Legend – A.J. Calvin

The last two book in the Caien Legacy will be released in 2024, and to say I’m excited would be an understatement. I loved the first book and will be reading the second very soon. This is a very unique take on some common fantasy tropes that set our main characters on a very interesting path, and I can’t wait to see where it leads.

Age of Arrogance – Timothy Wolff

This one may be cheating as well since I actually haven’t read any books in this trilogy yet, and Age of Arrogance is the last book. The first two books are highly anticipated reads for me though, and sound perfect for me. I will hopefully read the entire trilogy this year, and I have no doubt I will love all 3 of them.

The Son of the Prophets – Bryan Wilson (April 16)

I just started reading the first book in this series, The Forsaken Planet, and I can already tell that this is going to be a top sci-fi series for me. I’m not quite sure yet if this is sci-fantasy but Wilson does apply some fantasy tropes here and I am loving it. I’m happy that I started the first book now, so I don’t have to wait too long to dive into the second.

The Fall of the Giants – Gregory Kontaxis

This is the second book in the Dance of Light series by Greek author Gregory Kontaxis. I enjoyed the first book, Return of the Knights, which is a sure hit for any fans of classic epic fantasy. There were hints in that novel of a larger world that I can’t wait to further explore in The Fall of the Giants.

Dark Legacies 3 – Yuval Kordov

This is another book that has no announced title yet, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of my most anticipated reads of 2024. Kordov has crafted a beautifully dark and atmospheric world in this post-apocalyptic sci-fantasy, but one in which the story focuses on humanity and hope. I cannot recommend this series highly enough, definitely check it out!

Carved on Flawed Dreams – M.T. Fontaine

Carved on Flawed Dreams is the third entry in the Brands of Taelgir series, one of my top 10 reads of 2023. This series has everything you could ask for in an epic fantasy and I’m confident any fans of the genre will thoroughly enjoy it.


That is a wrap on my most anticipated novels of 2024. I’m not sure if I will be able to read all of these this year, but I will try my best! Thanks for checking it out, and I hope we all have a fantastic reading year!