A Contract in Sol Forne

by Élan Marché & Christopher Warman

The Eighth Chant book 2



Earn up to 17 POINTS.

About The Author

Christopher Warman

Élan Marché

A contained fantasy adventure featuring djinns, dangerous wishes, political factions, and militias.

A djinn.

A boy.

A terrible contract.

“I wouldn’t have asked for that if I knew I could ask for anything.”

Vaelin is an ancient djinn on a quest to seek the artifact to which she is enslaved. Her centuries-long journey lands her in the southern port city-state of Sol Forne, where she is certain the artifact is held.

There, she meets Dorovan, a disaffected youth from a dissolved noble house. Though their initial connection is cursory, their bond becomes one that may endanger the world and the entire Cycle of Nature.


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