Beyond the Mist: Dark Messiah

by Reed Logan Westgate

A Baku-verse Novel



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About The Author

Reed Logan Westgate

Amber has emerged from the Cauldron of Rebirth, the first resurrection since Christ. The news of a new Dark Messiah spreads chaos and fear through the magical world as the city of Portland prepares for doomsday to descend on its quiet harbors. With her human life dead and buried, Amber must find a new purpose in the second chance she has been given.

The Heavenly Host and their army of the faithful will not rest until this new dark messiah is returned to the afterlife. All bets are off as the forces of Heaven and Hell race to cope with Amber’s resurrection, but Xlina didn’t overcome the trials of the Cauldron of Rebirth just to have her love stolen from her again. It will take all her nightmare magic and the aid of the wily necromancer Oxivius to keep Amber from being drawn into the looming apocalypse.


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