Bold Ascension

The Sundered Nation book 2



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About The Author

Vaughn Roycroft

The gods favor the bold, they say, and Vahldan believed it. His boldness had led him to victory against the Spali, earned him the futhark sword, and made him the Lion Lord of the Amalus. Now he sought the power to lead his clan back to glory, and to bring those who oppressed his people to justice. He was well on his way to fulfilling the oath he’d made to his dying father. But his father had never seen the wealth of the stone cities that lined Pontea’s shores…

The seeress had prophesied that Vahldan was the Bringer of Urrinan, and many believed. Now he could wield the power that belief afforded him, whether he was the Bringer or not. What if he really could bring the so-called civilized world to its knees? By seizing the opportunity fate had set before him, he could lead the Gottari to heights beyond the imaging of his sires and place his descendants on the first throne of a hundred Tutona kingdoms.

Though Elan often cautioned Vahldan that the gods were fickle, it seemed clear they had revealed the steps to a glorious destiny. To become the Bringer of Urrinan in truth, he had only to relentlessly pursue his bold ascension.


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