Breach of Peace – Daniel Greene


Lawful Times Book 1

“Existing in a world that feels like its been clawed from the cruelest corners of Abercrombie’s FIRST LAW series, Greene’s novella blends fantasy, mystery, and horror in a stunningly unique fusion of the works of Arthur Conan Doyle and Stephen King. From page one, we’re pulled into the book’s universe by the puzzle of a gruesome whodunit, and though the crime is overseen by a cast of compellingly-competent characters, genius is little match for the speed and force of what’s coming. Indeed, the book’s propulsive pace careens onward until it slams us up against a finish as powerful as the action and catharsis from ALIEN’s final showdown. And, at a time when even the best fiction struggles to outrun the madness of reality, BREACH OF PEACE is everything I could ever want from a novella and more!” – Evan Winter


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An imperial family is found butchered. Officers of God are called to investigate. Evidence points to a rebel group trying to seed fear into the very heart of the empire itself. Inspector Khlid takes the case and begins a harrowing hunt for those responsible. But when a larger conspiracy comes to light, will Inspector Khlid be able to trust those working within her own precinct?


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