Dirge of the Dead

by Reed Logan Westgate

A Baku-verse Novel



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About The Author

Reed Logan Westgate

Stealing a soul from hell is just the beginning…

Xlina Dar’Karrow finds all her nightmare magic useless in mending her broken heart. As she struggles to cope with her loss, the wily necromancer Oxivius hatches a plan to steal Amber’s soul from the fires of hell. Bound to the demon Valeria; the journey provides Xlina a glimpse of her own hellish fate should she succumb to the succubus.

Xlina soon finds herself facing the judgement of the Counsel of Magic as the forces of Heaven and Hell align to thwart her plans. With new allies and old friends vying to reclaim the stolen soul; Xlina is thrust into a whirlwind of deceit and betrayal. With the world at her back, Xlina must overcome her isolation and deepest fears if she has any hope of freeing Amber from an eternity of torment at the hands of the Arch Demon Ertigan.


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