Dyer Street Punk Witches



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About The Author

Phil Williams

Kit hung up her brass knuckles, but the shadows of her past lingered. Now they’re back to claim her.

Kit “Fadulous” Hamley, magazine editor, activist and former punk rocker, is a well-known troublemaker. She works tirelessly to hold local authorities to account. Some say she’s making up for her criminal youth. Others accuse her of witchcraft. Only a handful of people know how dark her secrets really are.

When an old friend warns Kit that a former rival has resurfaced, those secrets start to resurface. People have gone missing, someone is stalking Kit, and the gang she abandoned are scared stiff. Kit herself is a target, and if she can’t unravel exactly how this new feud connects with her past mistakes, it could kill her.

Decades older, a little wiser, and contrary as ever, Kit’s going to remind them all what a punk witch can do.

Get ready to enter a world of magic, rebellion, and punk rock. With its electrifying energy, fierce female characters and tense twists, this book will have you cheering for the witches of Dyer Street, whether you’re a fan of fantasy or a rebel at heart. Pick up your copy today – you won’t be able to put it down.


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