Fall of the Forsaken (Hardcover)

The Trials of Ildarwood book 1



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About The Author

S.C. Selvyn

They were told their gifts were a curse…

When Evalina Verdani was born holding an emerald stone, her family knew she would one day become a child of storms: powerful, brilliant, and utterly impossible to control. And that was precisely why they locked her away inside a place like Caelum’s Keep.

Across the city, twelve-year-old Tevaun Osei was trapped at home, not because his soul was aligned toward darkness, but because his parents feared he was far too fragile to survive in the perilous world outside their door.

Both dreamed endlessly of escaping into the Ildarwood, where almost anything they imagined could be made real. They had no way of knowing what incredible dangers would await if their dreams one day came true…

Fall of the Forsaken is the thrilling prequel to the Trials of Ildarwood, an intricately woven epic fantasy series for teens and adults alike. Taking place nineteen years before the prologue in Spectres of the Fall, this inspiring tale provides an exciting introduction to an imaginative world with vast lore, diverse cultures, and a fascinating new form of elemental magic.

This edition includes a map of Silvermarsh, thirteen chapter illustrations, and an appendix with detailed lore about the world of the Ildarwood.


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