The Dunes of Aelaron book 2



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About The Author

Aaron Bunce

Christopher Guhl

My name is Vayo and I am no longer a slave.

I have ascended, assuming the mantle of Grae god. I wield elemental power now, and with Traba, an enormous storm bird at my side, I set out to finally see my people set free.

And yet, I am not the only one wielding unnatural strength. In his desperation, Cyrus brokered a deal with the darkest of the Undergods. If I am to defeat the King and his newfound power, I must locate the other ascendants. Only with them at my side can we restore balance. To find them, I need a relic lost to both time and sand.

The Godseye Is the key. But what it shows me might just be the biggest surprise yet.


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