Historian of Future Past

A Nexus Saga book 1


A future historian is betrayed by her own kind and a holographic cohort fails to protect her. Alaina’s desire to return home from fifteenth-century Anatolia will be her undoing.


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About The Author

Revis Grey

Alaina is a 26th-century data linguist and a historian specializing in 15th-century Turkey. Working with a quantum computer called Nexus, a machine able to record history in real time, she longs to be like the woman she observes, a red-head warrior temptress. But when an anomaly appears, and a peasant from the past is teleported into the future, anyone involved begins to be reassigned or disappear.

Alaina finds herself thrust into the history she’s been studying when her godfather, the Director of Operations, chooses to lose her in time rather than eliminate her.

Alaina transports from a culture of peace and abundance to a world of scarcity and violence. She will have to navigate 15th-century strife with the aid of a holographic cohort and a 26th-century mirage of life rapidly fading. Betrayed and wrongly accused of murder, her last hope rests in a crooked dwarf merchant and a mysterious reflection as she struggles to understand the future’s past.


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