Jati’s Wager

Jonathan Nevair

Wind Tide book 2



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About The Author

Jonathan Nevair

When “all-in” is the only option.

Ailo is a streetwise teen surviving alone on the remote moonbase, Tarkassi 9. She wants nothing more than to flee into the wider world of the Arm. When her chance arrives, she takes it but makes it no farther than the first ship out of the system. That’s where Jati, the Patent War veteran and general fighting the Monopolies gives her a second chance. It’s an unlikely partnership, but Ailo’s rogue status is just what Jati’s People’s Army needs to drive the final spike of victory into a weakening Garissian Council.


A team of experts assembles and hope rests on Ailo’s skill, stealth, and tenacity to pull off the impossible. It’s a wild gambit, and a moral code may need to be bent, and broken, to achieve success. When a shadow rises, casting doubt on their plans, Ailo and Jati must face down a battle line, forced to weigh the cost of success and revenge against honor and justice.

Jati’s Wager: a space opera inspired by the myths of the Trojan War.


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