Keeper Chronicles

By JA Andrews



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A mage, a dwarf, and an elf walk into a tavern…
The Keeper Chronicles are everything I want in epic fantasy.”

When Mallon the Undying threatened the land years ago, the elves stopped him-and then disappeared.

Now Mallon’s followers seek to bring him back to finish what he started. 

Only the Keepers-storytellers, historians, and magic-wielders-are left to stand against them. 

Alaric, who betrayed everything he believed to save his wife – and still failed. 

Will, a storyteller who’s convinced his weak magic makes him useless. 

And Sini, a former slave girl with unimaginable power but no way to wield it. 

Can they survive being hunted by dragons, attacked by frost goblins, and betrayed by traitors in their midst? 

Or will Mallon’s minions overwhelm them and plunge the land into darkness?

The complete trilogy of The Keepers Chronicles includes: 
A Threat of Shadows
Pursuit of Shadows
Siege of Shadows

Please note all three books are printed in one, giant-enough-to-use-as-a-weapon paperback book, not three separate volumes


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