Medora: A Zombie Novel

by Wick Welker

Medora book 1



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About The Author

Wick Welker

In one hour the streets will stream with the once departed. In two hours the buildings will burst with white-collar workers learning the feel of human teeth in their skin. In four hours the National Guard will retreat as the bridges crumble. In six hours we will lose New York and in eight, our humanity. A small family fights through skyscrapers and schools to find one another as a family friend enlists in a classified military unit led by a commander with a guilty secret. A wayward researcher becomes entangled in the mystery of Medora, North Dakota as a default President fights off a modern age of imperialism. As policemen flee from children and mothers brandish hacksaws, the country’s fate will depend on the civil war between man and the dead. Welcome to Medora, population zero and spreading.


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