Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide (to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons)

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by Quenby Olson

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Miss Mildred Percy inherits a dragon.

Ah, but we’ve already got ahead of ourselves…

Miss Mildred Percy is a spinster. She does not dance, she has long stopped dreaming, and she certainly does not have adventures. That is, until her great uncle has the audacity to leave her an inheritance, one that includes a dragon’s egg.

The egg – as eggs are wont to do – decides to hatch, and Miss Mildred Percy is suddenly thrust out of the role of “spinster and general wallflower” and into the unprecedented position of “spinster and keeper of dragons.”

But England has not seen a dragon since… well, ever. And now Mildred must contend with raising a dragon (that should not exist), kindling a romance (with a humble vicar), and embarking on an adventure she never thought could be hers for the taking.

1 review for Miss Percy’s Pocket Guide (to the Care and Feeding of British Dragons)

  1. Anca

    I had an absolute blast reading this book! The story is set in the fictional town of Upper Plimpton in Wiltshire during the Regency era. Our leading lady is the fabulous Mildred Percy, a middle-aged spinster who’s been living life on the sidelines, doing her sister’s bidding.

    But here’s the twist — this isn’t your typical love story. It’s all about self-acceptance, not finding Prince Charming. Sure, there’s a love interest, but the heart of the story is Mildred’s journey from a pushover to a woman with her own voice.

    What I loved most is the humor. Olson’s writing is witty and charming, and there were moments where I couldn’t help but giggle. The author’s knack for infusing humor into everyday situations is pure genius.

    Now, here’s the unique part: the narrative style. Olson breaks the fourth wall from time to time, chatting directly with the reader and giving us glimpses into Mildred’s inner thoughts. As someone who’s not always the most confrontational, I totally related to this approach.

    The character development is top-notch. Mildred Percy is a character you can’t help but root for. She’s selfless and strong, and her transformation is a journey you’ll want to join.
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