Pathlighter Trilogy book 1



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About The Author

Rob Leigh

James is convinced that the gods have cursed him, left to fend for himself in a squalid city-state in the clutches of a corrupt theocracy. As a lamplighter, James serves the palace by illuminating the streets each night with a flame from the gods’ temple. Despite his disdain for the gods, he feels a connection with the flame, and a surprising yet small amount of control over its brightness.

For him, a quiet life weathering the desert was all he had to look forward to. That is, until others appear. From distant corners of the world, each has connective power to the gods, and each a past of great consequence. A soldier, an idealist, a hero, and a monster.

Each squabbles according to their own desires, but cannot afford to exist alone any longer. Ancient devils and horrors beyond time have come to reclaim the world from the gods, but the forms they take and power they wield are anything but understood.

The debut epic fantasy novel of author Rob Leigh, Pathlighter depicts a world struggling to grapple with the consequences of an unknown past and uncaring gods, featuring nuanced characters and a story of self-realization, found family, betrayal, and hope.


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