Platinum Tinted Darkness

The Legacy of Boulom book 1


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Hardcover, Paperback

About The Author

Timothy Wolff

The Kingdom of Boulom has been lost.

The realms have already seen what happens when the Gods and their Harbingers are left unchecked.

Destruction. Chaos.


The Gods can’t be trusted. No one knows that better than David Williams, the Leader of the Guardians tasked to protect the Realm from the Gods and their powerful Harbingers ever since the fall of Boulom.

Six Guardians take their pledge to leave the squabbles of the kingdoms behind and live only to stop the Harbingers and protect the Realms from the Gods.

Serenna Morgan, a famed Crystal Mage and Guardian, struggles with the Guardian Pact when the Kingdom of Terrangus invades her home.

She’s supposed to stay out of it.

But she can’t.

When she breaks her Oath and joins in the skirmish, she earns the favor of the God of Death when the conflict escalates to an all-out war.

And he makes her an offer, one that’ll make sure she’ll never fail in her goals again.

To become his Harbinger. To partake in the ecstasy of destruction.


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