Prince of the Wasteland

The Book of Thrice Dead book 1



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About The Author

Joseph Sale

The multiverse is ending; only villains can stop it…

From the ashes of the nuclear apocalypse, The Apostles rule the rubble of New York with murderous intent and otherworldly powers. Their leader is The Prince, who, with the curse of foresight, dominates the present.

Brian Mor, the Man in the Black Hat, was once a loyal Apostle, a bringer of death. He has done terrible things in the name of the fragile order, so scarce in the New World. But now he’s begun to question the Prince’s power. There are things he cannot see, and if the Prince has lied about his power, what else isn’t true? Has his whole life been a joke? Ultimately Brian Mor has to decide whether the brutality of a fragile peace is better than a chaotic hope for the future, and does one life pay for another?

Prince of the Wasteland is the first epic instalment of The Book of Thrice Dead. A six part multiverse apocalypse, uniquely blending of science fiction, fantasy and horror. Think King’s Dark Tower meets Clive Barker’s The Great and Secret Show.

Praise for the series:

“What we have here is a totally original concept, a writer who is doing something new, a writer who has been forged in the flames like the One Ring.” -Ross Jeffery, Bram Stoker Award Nominated author of Juniper and Only The Stains Remain

“Lovecraftian and Barker-esque… stunning truly.” -Steve Stred, Splatterpunk Award Nominated Author of Mastodon and The Stranger

“Dark, cerebral, and genre-bending.” -Brian Fatah Steele, author of Hungry Rain and Violation Hive

“Breathtaking world-building and lyrical prose.” -Iseult Murphy, author of 7 Days In Hell and All of Me

“A mythical juggernaut…” -Christa Wojciechowski, author of Oblivion Black

“Utterly original…” -Andrew Benson Brown, critic and author of Legends of Liberty


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