Protector: A Dark Epic Fantasy Novel

Darkblade book 2



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About The Author

Andy Peloquin

The Hunter’s legend conceals cold, dark truths.
Half-demon bastard. A butcher with the blade, assassin, monster.

For millennia he has stalked the world, conquering all in his path and wading through rivers of his enemies’ blood.

But he remembers none of it.

Now, an oath made in bitterness and regret thrusts him into a new role to which he is entirely unsuited: guardian of a young boy touched by gods and hunted by demons.

The Hunter sets off into desolate wastelands and deserts to seek out answers with blade and brutal skills honed by centuries of violence. At his side rides the boy, an ever-growing inconvenience and testament to his past failures.

But as the legions of his enemies close in around him, the child he protects may not only hold the key to his past, but become his very hope for salvation.

“Epic, as enthralling and thrilling as it is heartbreaking.”Christopher Russell, author of Divinity’s Twilight


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