Seasons of Albadone

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by Christopher Warman & Élan Marché

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About The Author

Christopher Warman

Élan Marché

Four seasons.

Four stories.

An aspiring enchantress searches for a way to lift a terrible curse.

A drunken father makes a dangerous wish.

A foreman tilts the balance between nature and progress.

A mother travels with her dying child in search of a healer.

Four paths merge.

Four destinies intertwine.

1 review for Seasons of Albadone

  1. Blaise

    I know what you are thinking, because I had the same thought the first time I look at the cover. Beautiful but leaning more towards the younger crowd where everything will magically work out in the end. WRONG! Do not judge this book by its cover and make the same mistake I did. This novel is so much more than what it seems and the authors should be commended for their creativity and execution. But beware, this novel is not for the faint of heart. The authors will tug on your heart stings time and time again with a tear always willing to make its way down my cheek with the right push. Let me tell you a tale of the Seasons of Albadone.

    This story takes place over four season in a land called Albadone. Surrounded by forest and wildlife with purpose of preserving mother life. Each story follows 4 main POV each connected to the larger world. For Autumn we follow an assistant enchantress making her way through the woods when she is tasked with lifting a terrible curse. In Winter we follow a drunk who makes a dangerous wish to save his daughter. In Spring we follow a foreman with a heartbreaking childhood looking to discover the truth. Finally we have Summer where a mother must look for a healer for her dying child. Each character is flawed and needs to make drastic decisions to achieve there goals.

    What immediately stands out about this novel is the writing style. Very fast paced but writing almost with a classical feel as if the authors are writing a folktale. It is also very important to note that this story will not be for everyone. Have you ever watched a Disney movie such as Beauty and the Beast or the Little Mermaid and then decided to look up the folktale of where the inspiration came from? The tale you find is filled with heartbreak and tragedies to the point where you need to watch a comedy show just to have a laugh. This story has all of these elements in spades as each story talks about the greed and lust of humanity with the characters having to live with the consequences. You will not be expecting the story to go down the roads it does and it will definitely give you a wake up call to the larger world and the choices that people make everyday.

    Seasons of Albadone was a slow read for me as I wanted to enjoy and think about each story’s themes and actions the characters make. At just over 200 pages, this novel can be read in a day with the enjoyment of a tightknit, character driven tale. The stories will not end the way you expect and it will make you think about the choices people make in their greedy ways and unending desires. What sacrifices would you make to save the people you love? How far will you push yourselves in your darkest hour? Don’t underestimate the emotional impact these stories will have on you and see why as the Seasons turn, so too must the choices of mankind.

    I’m ecstatic to have found this great work and I sure hope there is a sequel in the works soon!


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