The Beast Hunters Blood Oath

The Beast Hunter of Ashbourn book 3



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About The Author

Christer Lende

From award-winning author Christer Lende comes the thrilling conclusion to his debut trilogy, The Beast Hunter of Ashbourn. Grab on to your beastiary-you’re in for a monsterrific ride.

A new king reigns over Ashbourn, relentlessly spreading his plague to every soul in the city. Ashbourn plunges into despair as his dark power turns citizens into mindless fanatics.

The maniacal zealots force his tainted blood down the throats of the people, and the city falls into chaos. Unable to stop the king’s crazed horde from growing within the city, only a single district stands against his might. With the whole of Ashbourn clawing at their walls, it’s only a matter of time before they are overrun.

Hope fades as Ara scrambles to uncover the secrets to defeating this new king, their dark connection revealing to her his inevitable progress towards total domination. The fraction of his power coursing through the veins of her tainted arm might give Ashbourn and the beast hunters the hope they need-unless it’s all part of his plan.


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