The Children of the Black Moon

The Spellbinders and the Gunslingers book 2



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About The Author

Joseph John Lee

Torrential did the storms become. Torrential shall be the days to come.

Exiled in disgrace and defeat after a vicious coup, Tez seeks an alliance with the militant Lake Tribe. Retaking the Stone Tribe is the key to a unified north in the face of the Invaders’ impending offensive…if she can only stop her allies from warring amongst themselves.

After finally successfully breaching the dense forest barrier dividing north and south, Aritz a Mata wants more. Seeing opportunity and resources in those untouched lands, he is eager to show the Tribes the full might of his forces…and the fear he wields as the Sword of the Savior.

Stripped of everything she held dear, Sen is given the opportunity to start anew among a group of fellow Eclipseborn. But quickly are her loyalties tested as she must choose between those who provided her a home and Tribe yet rejected her all the same, and her newfound kin who would see fit to destroy the Tribes entirely…something they have sought for almost four centuries.

The flames of war approach, and they seek to reduce all memory of the Tribes to nothing more than ash.


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