The First Binding


Earn up to 30 POINTS.

About The Author

R.R. Virdi

The opening chapter in a sweeping, epic series from the newest voice in fantasy, R.R. Virdi

All legends are borne of truths as much as lies.

He buried a village under a mountain of ice and snow. Then he killed their god. He stole the old magics and was cursed for it. He began a war with those that walked before mankind and lost the princess he loved. He has called lightning and bound fire. He is both legend and monster.

Karchetta is an ancient place on a timeless road. A stop along a trade route that is the lifeblood of empires. It is the land of the People of the Sun, and they are proud. He has been here before, he has been all up and down these routes. Never staying for long lest his sins and reputation find him.

He is Ari, an immortal hiding as a storyteller.

And this is the story of how he let loose the First Evil.


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