The Garden Gnome

Theory of Magic book 1



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About The Author

Jeff McIntyre

Where did magic go?

Our world is defined by science, but history tells us that the world was once a much more magical place. Every culture has tales of when the gods walked among us, when strange magical creatures dwelt in the dark, and when users of magic were respected and feared.

We tell ourselves that these stories are myth and superstition. But what if they aren’t?

What if magic were to return? And what does it have to do with a ten-year-old boy and his imaginary friend?

Daniel and Sophia Fitzroy are worried that their son Tony is being bullied in his new school and is struggling to cope.

Leo Schafer is reporting on a new and powerful particle accelerator experiment and the protestors who want it stopped.

FBI Special Agent Debra Kazdin is investigating the protests and trying to keep things from escalating.

Brian Cooke is being inducted into a secret society that knows the truth about magic and will stop at nothing to keep it from returning.

They will be drawn together in an extraordinary confrontation that will change the world forever.


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