The One-Hundred Percent Solution

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By GM Nair

Duckett & Dyer: Dicks for Hire #2



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About The Author

G.M. Nair

The Future Group is the city’s biggest and most lucrative company even though no one really knows what it is they do. Michael Duckett has worked there for four years and he still has no clue. All he knows is that he hates his meaningless job and all the people in it. But it pays the bills. Bills that have been stacking up since his roommate and best friend Stephanie Dyer decided to open a detective agency – despite her chronic inability to commit to anything.

When Michael is suddenly fired, he and Stephanie are forced to return to the world of private investigation against his better judgment. A mysterious woman wants to enlist the services of Duckett & Dyer: Dicks For Hire to track down an assassin who has a bone to pick with Michael’s former employer. Apparently, The Future Group has been harboring a deadly secret for decades. One that could put the world in the grip of an indescribable horror.

It turns out Michael was lucky to get out of that job alive. Too bad he and Stephanie are being dragged back to work.

1 review for The One-Hundred Percent Solution

  1. Kavin

    Great Successor To The First Book

    The One-Hundred Percent Solution fits perfectly next to its predecessor. The comedic tone of the first book is perfectly carried over, and the characters are just as great as the first time we met them. The stakes are higher this time around and Michael and Stephanie don’t hesitate to dive head-first into this new problem. Well, Michael hesitates, but only for a second, he swears!

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