The Sword Defiant (Signed Bookplate)

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Lands of the Firstborn book 1



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Gareth Hanrahan

1 review for The Sword Defiant (Signed Bookplate)

  1. Tennessee Reader (verified owner)

    “The sword cares not who it cuts.”

    That’s the tagline for this book. This book is a sword that will cut you over and over and have you begging for more! Quite simply, this is THE Fantasy Book of the Year! In fact, it’s in the Top 10 Fantasy Books of all time and it’s one of my favorite books! Oh, and one more thing… A TALKING SWORD!!!

    I love fantasy books that are highly fantastic and full of imagination. Author Gareth Hanrahan has to have one of the most creative and imaginative minds. This book has everything you could ever ask for in a fantasy novel. The world building is next level!

    Imagine if you will, that the in the Lord of the Rings, there were no Hobbits. But the Fellowship still formed and they were able to win! Then imagine what happens after the book ends. That the stories, poems, and songs all tell of the mighty heroes and their victory and they all lived happily ever after. But what if it wasn’t happily ever after? What if life still goes on? This is what this book is.

    Alf is such a great character and his companion, the talking sword, Spellbreaker is also a fantastic character. Alf keeps putting Spellbreaker away but I wanted more of this talking sword. Olva, Alf’s sister, is the character we can relate to. She’s the normal person who gets introduced to the world in all its beauty and horrors. I wondered why she was included in this tale, but it works itself out. She really represents us getting to discover this world.

    The prose also deserves a mention. It’s kind of written in a classical fantasy-type prose that I really enjoyed. It’s not at all difficult but it fit this world perfectly! Also, the cover is amazing. Just look at it! Oh… and there’s a dog!

    I have a new favorite author and a new favorite book. I can not hype up this book or love it any more than I do! Waiting for book two is a bummer but it will be an instant buy, as will any book this author writes!

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