The Tenacious Tale of Tanna the Tendersword


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About The Author

Bill Adams

Dewey Conway

Thirteen-year-old Galdifort Quillpen has grand dreams of writing epic tales of heroic deeds for the Edric Academy of Valiant Adventurers, just like his famous aunt. Unfortunately, his first chronicle is about to be late because he’s been assigned to twelve-year-old Tanna the Tendersword, an excruciatingly carefree would-be-champion who can’t seem to find a qualifying entry-level quest.

When things are at their most miserable, the young questers meet an enigmatic old woman who not only gives Galdifort a magical journal written by his mysteriously missing aunt but offers Tanna a follow a peg-legged, sword-wielding rooster to help save a crying mushroom lost within a haunted forest. Tanna heroically accepts, regardless of how incredibly unsafe the odd quest seems.

But Galdifort’s fears become reality when a soul-sucking sorceress sends her fog monster and lizard henchmen to retrieve his aunt’s journal. Only a full-fledged champion should confront a sorceress, and, in his eyes, Tanna is not up to the task. But if he wants to write his chronicle, and potentially discover the truth about his aunt, Galdifort must learn to do something he certainly isn’t comfortable doing — trust in honest friendship with Tanna the Tendersword. He’s just a chronicler, after all, not a hero!


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