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“I had no idea what to expect going into this one. “For fans who have always wanted their Twin Peaks to have some wizards” is a heck of a tagline! I loved this book and even after finishing it, I can’t describe it. Wardens are like Gunslingers/Sheriffs/Knights that preside over a town. Warden Aelis de Lenti has been sent to preside over the backwater village of Lone Pine, really known for sheep herding and not much else. But slowly, you come to love the town and its inhabitants over time. The ending will have you demanding the sequel to hurry up and release.” – @TennesseeReader


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Daniel M Ford

For fans who have always wanted their Twin Peaks to have some wizards, The Warden is a non-stop action adventure story from author Daniel M. Ford.

There was a plan.

She had the money, the connections, even the brains. It was simple: become one of the only female necromancers, earn as many degrees as possible, get a post in one of the grand cities, then prove she’s capable of greatness. The funny thing about plans is that they are seldom under your control.

Now Aelis de Lenti, a daughter of a noble house and recent graduate of the esteemed Magisters’ Lyceum, finds herself in the far-removed village of Lone Pine. Mending fences, matching wits with goats, and serving people who want nothing to do with her. But, not all is well in Lone Pine, and as the villagers Aelis is reluctantly getting to know start to behave strangely, Aelis begins to suspect that there is far greater need for a Warden of her talents than she previously thought.

Old magics are restless, and an insignificant village on the farthest border of the kingdom might hold secrets far beyond what anyone expected. Aelis might be the only person standing between one of the greatest evils ever known and the rest of the world.

1 review for The Warden

  1. Tennessee Reader (verified owner)

    I went into Daniel M. Ford’s The Warden not expecting too much and came away pleasantly surprised.

    The Warden is a fantasy book that’s not like most fantasy books. There’s no saving the world scenario and huge world sprawling adventures and battles. Instead, we get a cozy novel with heartwarming characters and a town that you can root for.

    Besides fantasy, we get a little sci-fi and some western genres mixed in. The Warden is like a Sheriff/Marshall/Gunslinger set to protect towns and villages. And Lone Pine is a backwater town that’s all about sheep.

    The author does a great job of making us fit into this quiet little down. And just like Aelis, we slowly start fitting into the town and caring about its villagers.

    I really enjoyed this book. It’s different enough to be special. The ending was kind of weird and sudden but leaves me begging for Part 2 to hurry up and release. I’m ready to move into Lone Pine!

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