Silverstones Blog Buddy Read Announcement & Reveal

The Silverstones Blog team is doing our first buddy read! We’re looking forward to what we hope will be a fun time for everyone. I’ve never participated in a buddy read, much less organized one, so I’m excited to get into it.

But I bet you want to know what book we’re reading.


I guess I’ll tell you.

We are reading

Empire of Silence by Christopher Ruocchio, book one in the genre-bending Sun Eater series!

“Hadrian Marlowe, a man revered as a hero and despised as a murderer, chronicles his tale in the galaxy-spanning debut of the Sun Eater series, merging the best of space opera and epic fantasy.

It was not his war.

The galaxy remembers him as a hero: the man who burned every last alien Cielcin from the sky. They remember him as a monster: the devil who destroyed a sun, casually annihilating four billion human lives—even the Emperor himself—against Imperial orders.

But Hadrian was not a hero. He was not a monster. He was not even a soldier.

On the wrong planet, at the right time, for the best reasons, Hadrian Marlowe starts down a path that can only end in fire. He flees his father and a future as a torturer only to be left stranded on a strange, backwater world.

Forced to fight as a gladiator and navigate the intrigues of a foreign planetary court, Hadrian must fight a war he did not start, for an Empire he does not love, against an enemy he will never understand.”

The buddy read will be taking place in November so everyone has time to clear their TBRs. Michael Roberti, Quinn Giguiere, and I will all be doing blog posts throughout the month, and we will also be doing a Youtube livestream!

As an extra incentive, if you preorder the new trade paperback version of Empire of Silence (out September 19th) from Silverstones Books you’ll receive a 10% discount AND double rewards points! This offer is ONLY available for the new edition releasing next month, and the discount will only be active until September 9th, a month from now.

All of us here at the Silverstones Blog are looking forward to journeying into this incredible series, and hope that you join us!