Where to Start With Indie Books: 10 Authors to Start With Part 2

Continuing my Intro to Indie series, today we’re going to check out authors Mark Timmony and James Lloyd Dulin, fantasy writers taking completely different approaches to the genre.

Mark Timmony

Mark Timmony is the author of the Eye of Eternity series, which currently consists of the novel The Blood of the Spear and the prequel novella Starbinder. This series revolves around two brothers who are the subject of a prophecy, and what that means for them politically. This series wears its Wheel of Time influences prominently and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Mark is currently hard at work on the sequel to Blood of the Spear.

James Lloyd Dulin

James Lloyd Dulin made his debut this past February with the dark fantasy smash hit No Heart for a Thief. Book one in the Malitu series, it follows a man named Kaylo, a hermit who is trying to forget his past. But when he saves a young girl from a band of enemy soliders he realizes his past isn’t one that he can run away from. Kaylo and his new ward Tayen embark on a journey to find a new home, all the while Kaylo recounts his past to help dispel some rumors about him.
Fans of The Last of Us or The Mandalorian will enjoy the dynamic between Kaylo and Tayen. The magic system is an element-based channeling that is only explored at a surface level, but the crumbs we get promise much bigger reveals in future installments.
James Dulin is currently hard at work preparing for the release of book two, No Safe Haven, which will be out in October.