Where to Start With Indie Books: 10 Authors to Start With Part 3

This week we’re talking about two authors that have taken the fantasy genre by storm in recent years with their dark and epic tales.

John Palladino

John Palladino burst onto the scene in the summer of 2022 with his debut The Trials of Ashmount. His books are firmly rooted in the grimdark genre of fantasy, and he’s not afraid to remind you of that. Taking cues from authors like Joe Abercrombie, Mr. Palladino’s Tragedy of Cedain series will have you hooked on the multi-pov tales of people that seem to just have no luck in life, or no love for life. The Trials of Ashmount’s explosive end will have you diving into its sequel, Buzzard’s Bowl, as soon as possible.

John Palladino is currently preparing book three in the series for release.

Ryan Cahill

If you’ve looked into indie books at all lately there’s no doubt you’ve heard the name Ryan Cahill. His The Bound and the Broken series has been incredibly popular. Spanning three novels and three novella’s so far, this epic fantasy series balances humor and heavy themes as well as it balances plot and character. What starts out as a coming-of-age tale quickly becomes a continent spanning classic fantasy adventure epic with a plethora of fantasy creatures and races that will hook you with action and punch you with emotion. And in the end you’ll say thank you Mr. Cahill.

Oh, did I mention the dragons?

Ryan Cahill is currently preparing book four for release.