Lead and Roses: Love Songs at the End of the World

by Natalie Ironside



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About The Author

Natalie Ironside

The past lies like a nightmare over the world.

Following up her debut novel, The Last Girl Scout, award-winning author Natalie H. Ironside presents a new collection of tales exploring the irradiated post-apocalypse of the 23rd century and the worlds we’ve built up from the ashes. Spanning genres including queer slice-of-life, military adventure, and horror, the five tales in this collection are sure to have something fun for all lovers of the post-apocalypse, whether they’re fans of The Last Girl Scout or just fans of the genre.

This collection includes:

Stories: Two women stand on the edge of oblivion and dare to believe in a future.

The Last American: A red star is rising over southern Appalachia, and one man has the courage to remain true to God and embody the spirit of Old America against the godless communist hordes. It goes about as well for him as you’d expect.

The White Goddess: A group of scientists set out to explore the wasteland and come face-to-face with the pernicious refusal of the past to die.

Werewolf: A boy who became a stormtrooper chasing dreams of heroism discovers that being a man of action doesn’t quite live up to expectations.

That’s a Christmas to Me: A woman struggling with her faith, her identity, and her dark and troubled past finds some small shred of redemption and learns an important lesson about motorcycle safety. (Originally published as a Patreon exclusive for the 2020 winter holiday season)


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