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by Zamil Akhtar



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One day, Jyosh will climb the heavens and slay a dragon god.

Though nothing could seem less likely for a slave, especially one whose body is too broken to cycle sunshine into destructive magical energy. Until he meets a woman who can secretly teach him the lightblade, an energy sword transmuted from sunlight, capable of changing size, shape, and performing incredible magical feats according to the wielder’s skill level.

Except she only exists in his dreams. Each hour of sleep equals a day in these shared lucid dreams, wherein he must master new lightblade abilities, bond with his teacher and other allies, and gain the fortitude to overcome his weakness and crush his enemies.

When Jyosh awakens to learn that a mysterious lightblade master, who also commands an armada of sky ships, is spreading destruction across the land, he’ll face a trial by fire against forces far more frightening than he could ever dream.

And forged from that fire, a Light Ascendent will rise.

1 review for Lightblade

  1. Jared Leys

    Lightblade by Zamil Akhtar is an imaginative book and my first time reading a progression fantasy. I can say I now understand the appeal.

    So…despite the fact that Lightblade is clearly branded as a progression fantasy, I missed the memo on that before reading. About 3/4th of the way through the book as there was talk of characters and different levels of power I thought, “This must be one of those progression fantasy novels.” I checked the book page and sure enough, that’s exactly what it is. And as far as I know, it does it very well. In a way, I’m glad I got to experience the story without having that expectation in advance.

    The story follows Jyosh, a young man who escapes slavery and begins to gain power during his fight for survival. He is a well-imagined character with clear motivations and flaws. His constant noticing of the physical attractiveness of the women who accompany him on his journey does grow wearisome, but if we’re being honest, is very accurate for the age he is. As are his idealistic choices to choose love above all else, even where it may lead to his own pain and suffering.

    The light-based magic system in this world is super cool. As are the regular entries into dream (and sometimes nightmare) spaces. The author’s ability to ground you in bizarre and confusing settings is beyond reproach and these surreal scenes were among my favorites in the book.

    So if you’re looking for a progression fantasy with a cool magic system and magnificent settings, I’d recommend checking out Lightblade.

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