The Skald’s Black Verse

Jordan Loyal Short

The Dreadbound Ode Trilogy book 1


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About The Author

Jordan Loyal Short

The world is ending, and if the Norn don’t rise up… they’re dead.


Brohr just wants to run away with his girlfriend, to escape the prejudices of his village. The unwanted son of a conquering soldier, he’ll soon discover that he is cursed, haunted, a berserker. When a strange murder sparks unrest in his tiny hamlet, Brohr becomes the prime suspect.


Hunted by invaders from another world, only the forbidden blood magic of the Skalds can save him. To survive, Brohr must unravel dire omens, uncover family secrets, and lead a desperate revolt against an empire that spans the heavens.


But dark forces gather in the shadows, intent upon a rebellion of their own.


An epic blend of norse fantasy and grimdark sci-fi!


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