The Sun Prince

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Bonds of Kin book 2


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LR Schulz


The King-Radiant has fallen. Zapour has been liberated and the siblings triumphant, but at what cost?

Two years have passed since their victory over the Eagles. Peace between the nations has not gone as planned. Gelvard has seized control of Lumindal and a cloud of war now surrounds Trost.

The sun is dying… A new power has risen from the west. A man who calls himself the Sun Prince has his eyes set firmly on Zapour. But is he friend or foe?

The bonds of kin will be tested as new threats arise, though not all threats are new. An ancient evil awakens, and new bonds must be forged if light is to shine another day.

1 review for The Sun Prince

  1. Tennessee Reader

    L.R. Schulz knocks it out of the part with a grand slam with this continuation of the Bonds of Kin series. Just because The King Radiant is no more doesn’t mean our story with the Glaives siblings is over! Peace hasn’t been achieved, rumors surface that the Skae are real, the sun might be dying, and who is the mysterious Sun Prince from across the sea?

    A King’s Radiance was a nice fantasy story but The Sun Prince is better in every way! More epic, more grand, more adventures, more risks, more emotion, more battles, more fantasy, and more creatures! This book doesn’t suffer from being the second in a series. It’s actually better than the first book. It keeps all the heart and emotion from the previous installment but amps everything up!

    We have the same cast of characters, mostly focusing on the Glaives siblings, who all continue to be great. But new characters are introduced and two of them are standouts. First, there is Zeek. What is it and what is its story? It’s interesting to see this world from its point of view. And then there is The Sun Prince himself! He’s one of my favorite characters, and getting to know him was great. Is he a friend or foe? I won’t say but he is a great character.

    There was a shock at the end of Part One that really rattled me. I honestly questioned myself if the story could continue to be as good as it was with what happened. Even though it was jarring, I, like the other characters, slowly got over it and continued to move on.

    I will make a note that there was one small sex scene. It wasn’t very descriptive or lewd but for some reason, it did kind of jar me. I wasn’t expecting it. It doesn’t take away anything or dampen the story, it just seemed like it was kind of out of place. But that’s just me.

    This is an example of what all second books should strive to be. Take everything you loved about the first and just add more! Don’t miss out on this!

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