Those Who Resist

by N.C. Scrimgeour

The Waystations book 3



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About The Author

N.C. Scrimgeour

We are all Idran-Var. We are those who resist.

A dark shadow has fallen across the galaxy. The curators-a hive mind made from the memories of countless past civilisations-have finally returned, ready to finish the experiment they started millions of years ago.

A splintered resistance with a desperate plan is all that stands in the way of utter annihilation. As Alvera Renata and her old crew join forces with former enemies and unlikely allies, all eyes turn to the Omega Gate-a twisted contraption formed of the mysterious waystations. Destroying it might give them a fighting chance against the curators-if they don’t destroy each other first.

To have any hope of succeeding, Alvera and her new alliance will have to overcome old wounds and fresh losses to gather the forces of the galaxy for a final stand. But even in the face of extinction, every disparate faction still has their own agenda, and bringing them together might be more trouble than it’s worth.

As star systems fall and the curators close in, trust hangs by a single thread. Only one truth binds them together now: if they don’t stand united, the galaxy will be lost to all of them.


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