Vampire Hunter D Omnibus: Book Three

A new omnibus collecting volumes seven, eight, and nine of the Vampire Hunter D horror novel series!

by Hideyuki Kikuchi

Omnibus 3


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About The Author

Hideyuki Kikuchi

The hunt continues in the bizarre far future of 12,090 A.D, where the immortal vampire lords who were the only winners of mankind’s nuclear war still oppress the human survivors who have pushed the blood-drinking fiends back to the lawless Frontier. Yet humanity too remains as quick as ever to prey upon itself, and where the law can’t bring safety or justice, the crescent blade of D will–assuming you meet the half-vampire wanderer’s price!

A beautiful young woman, fatally wounded in a journey across the wastelands, entrusts a mission to D with her final breath–deliver the precious jewel she carries to her sister Su-In. She resides in the North Sea town of Florence, once a pleasure resort for the vampiric Nobility, before they were cast out a thousand years ago. But their curse from a millennium past has returned to afflict the human inhabitants, and it comes seemingly from what any vampire should fear–the ocean! Then, D crosses the path of a would-be vampire hunter who dared disrupt a sacrifice in the village of Sacri, and himself became hunted by the residents. What unholy pact have they made with the Nobility, to bring their mortal wrath down upon one who would destroy the immortals…?

The Vampire Hunter D Omnibus Book Three collects volumes seven, eight, and nine in author Hideyuki Kikuchi’s adventure horror series: Mysterious Journey to the North Sea Part One, Mysterious Journey to the North Sea Part Two, and The Rose Princess. Illustrated by Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano, the legend of D endures!


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