Zodak – The Last Shielder

Tempest Rising book 1



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About The Author

Max Moyer

A courageous orphan. An ancient evil. A mysterious medallion.

In the village of Laan, Zodak endures a bleak life of misery at the hands of his hateful cousins and aunt. His steadfast uncle Ardon is his only anchor. When a water sprite arrives, speaking of destiny and an epic journey that awaits, Zodak struggles to grasp how an adventure with goblins, krikkis, and dwarves could ever be his story.

But when his uncle falls in a kidnapping plot and entrusts Zodak with a mysterious medallion, Zodak flees into a vast, unknown world. Seeking answers about his past and the medallion he carries, Zodak finds himself drawn to the magnificent city Uth Becca. In his journey, he unearths a clandestine order, a corrupt Magistrate, and a sinister plot that threatens humanity’s very existence.

A great evil awakens. Dark hordes are on the march. In a world desperate for a hero, can an outcast be enough?

Get swept away in an epic fantasy adventure with an unlikely hero on the edge of manhood, world-building reminiscent of Brandon Sanderson, and a protagonist who must decide whether to fight for truth, even if it costs him everything.


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